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The Agony of Perfection

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

As most designers will tell you, developing a personal portfolio site is perhaps one of the most painful creative processes imaginable. Even without the added pressures of the show-and-tell nature of a portfolio, older work often seems, well, imperfect. The eye of the work’s creator is ultimately the harshest critic, alert to every flaw and compromise. At the same time, the affection for an old favorite piece winds up fighting against the desire for brevity and a sensible selection of representative work.

Then comes the question of how high to aim. The portfolio surely must be perfect. Or, the opposite argument, the portfolio must be a transparent platform on which the work can speak for itself. I vacillated in building this site, from one extreme to the other. If you’ve come here via the portfolio pages, you’ve already seen which path I chose, the decision simplified by the inevitable paralysis of the avenue leading toward perfection.

I will continue to add pieces here, for a few interesting favorites still clamor to be added. Take a look around and let me know what you think.